That’ll Learn ’em

That\’ll Learn \’em

Unbelievable news in Atlanta as this AJC report spells out the rampant cheating that has been going on in metro public school districts.  Those students found guilty should surely be punished with suspensions, right?  Oh yeah, it was not students that were caught cheating, it was the teachers.  And the buck didn’t stop there.  It went right on up to the superintendent’s office.  In all, 178 educators participated in the cheat-fest, including 38 principals.  Yes, those guys and gals that are supposed to be the leaders of the schools.  In all, 44 of 56 schools that were investigated were found to have instances of cheating.  If those numbers aren’t staggering, I don’t know what is.

Even more repulsive is the fact that educators even had cheating parties!  No, they weren’t swingers.  The only keys being collected were the answer keys so that they could be placed on transparencies to make the answer changing easier for the participants.  Maybe the cheaters needed cheaters?

This is about as bad as the widespread corruption that took place in Detroit, reported on by Dan Rather.  It’s scary to think that the future of the country lies in the hands of people like this.


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Just wondering what is going on with civilized society today and why it seems to be on the downward spiral.
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