Couple has sex on beach…in front of entire restaurant. 

While this story is not quite as earth shattering as the one I posted yesterday, I think it speaks to the lack of morals in today’s society.  The MTV factor is what I call it.  Where it’s cool or funny to be an absolute piece of trash.  MTV has made a cottage industry of this with shows like Real World, 16 and Pregnant, and everyone’s favorite, Jersey Shore.

A couple in Florida decided they would “couple” on a beach in broad daylight.  In front of 50 people.  And several children.  While this might be something you would possibly expect to see on spring break or on a senior trip to Cancun, you certainly wouldn’t want to be “exposed” to it on your family vacation.

You can tell by the look on the young woman’s face in her mugshot that she is really concerned about what she did.  It’s just all in good fun right?  No harm, no foul.  Yeah, explain that to the parents that had some serious ‘splainin’ to do to their kids after witnessing this.


About civilizationtko1

Just wondering what is going on with civilized society today and why it seems to be on the downward spiral.
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