Abortion Absurdity

A new WSJ book review discusses a book by Mara Hvistendahl, titled “Unnatural Selection”.  The number that will hit you in the face like an ice cold bucket of water?  163 million.  As in an estimated 163 million girls have been aborted around the world over the last three decades.  As insane as that sounds the reasoning may be even crazier.  Like Octomom crazy.  These girls were aborted simply because the family wanted a boy instead.

Not sure how accurate this is but the practice of sex-selective abortion has been known to occur in China for years so I would not be surprised if the estimate was accurate or even a little short.  May be an interesting yet disturbing read.

No more girls


About civilizationtko1

Just wondering what is going on with civilized society today and why it seems to be on the downward spiral.
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2 Responses to Abortion Absurdity

  1. Ken Watson says:

    Could be some people have forgotten where babies come from. I think plenty of folks have already forgotten where food comes from, that is for sure.

  2. Jamie Stovall says:

    Agreed. In the spirit of Burger King, we want it our way, right away to the extreme. This statistic is insane.

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