Civilization TKO

I’m starting a semi-serious blog discussing the seemingly ever-increasing number of news reports about people absolutely losing their minds and, as a result, the impending doom of society.  I may post other stories that interest me from time to time as well.  I’m just doing this to vent my frustrations with the way humanity seems to just not care anymore, hence the name of the blog, CivilizationTKO, or knockout, for the boxing challenged.


Will we revert back to this?


About civilizationtko1

Just wondering what is going on with civilized society today and why it seems to be on the downward spiral.
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2 Responses to Civilization TKO

  1. Ken Watson says:

    TKO is a TECHNICAL knockout, that is they gave buddy a standing eight count and he wasn’t able to pull it together. If only there was someone out there to stop this fight. But you are full of surprises, Bullfrog. Just full of surprises.

  2. Nick says:

    I’m glad to see this mackel. Should be a good site for debate.

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